One billion lost and recovered

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I, too, am concerned. After all, it's still my stuff! I just handed it over to the state.. Temporarily for safekeeping. There are still a few words after'handing over to the state '! For Xiang Lingxi and Lukacs are very concerned about this issue, Chen Ye is not vague in the past. He first answered Xiang Lingxi's question a little louder: "I arranged your painting as I told you last night." After that, he gave priority to answering Xiang Lingxi's question and then looked at Lukacs and said, "I told Lingxi about our arrangement last night.". I have nothing to hide from her at this point. According to the plan, you are responsible for the safety of Lingxi, and we are responsible for the safety of the evidence. Witnesses and evidence are divided into two ways. This can lighten the burden of your security team and avoid some unnecessary accidents. By the way, these false evidence may also help you find some untrustworthy people. By this time, a member of Lukacs's entourage had come to the door of the waiting room and said something to Lukacs's bodyguard, as if the plane had made all the preparations before taking off and was waiting for the president to board. But Lukacs just nodded to the bodyguard at the door, but he was not in a hurry to say anything more. He seemed to have seriously considered the message behind Secretary Chen's remarks and said a moment later: "So Lingxi's paintings are already on their way to Rocomania, aren't they?" Chen Ye, who had the upper hand in the conversation until just now and had the initiative, finally smiled stiffly after Lukatz said this accurate judgment, and then admitted generously: You are very perceptive. But if you're not interested in our offer, I can turn them around right now. After all, China is very big. After Chen Ye said this sentence, the look and silent test between the two lasted for a long time with Lukacs's consideration of the matter. It made Xiang Lingxi,gold heap leaching, who had been staring at them for a while, feel so nervous that he wanted to turn his head and wait for Lukacs' final decision, but he didn't want to miss any of Lukacs' expressions. When Xiang Lingxi felt that she could not stand the pressure and wanted to turn back, she saw the smile on Lukatz's face. That means he agreed. Lukacs, who opened his mouth again, even teased Secretary Chen: "As a responsible big country that never interferes in the internal affairs of other countries, how are you going to transport these things to the court?" To this, the answer that Secretary Chen gives out is: "We entrusted a security company that does not take official property absolutely, fame is not too big very reliable however.". They'll be able to deliver it safely. Lukatz: "You'll give me the number of the person in charge?" Secretary Chen: "Of course, you must know where the evidence that is important to you is." As he spoke, coltan ore processing ,Carbon in Pulp, it seemed that the two men, who had just been at daggers drawn, showed each other a very friendly smile. They almost stood up together, and then Secretary Chen took out a seemingly unremarkable mobile phone from his suit pocket, which did not even have a serious color screen, and handed it to Lukatz. Then the two men shook hands. It was only at this point that Secretary Chen made the mistake of trying to shake the hand of President Rocomania, who was a little older than him, very hard to reaffirm his dominant position in the conversation between the two men. But he miscalculated not only about himself, but also about the president, who had a "brief military service" before entering politics, and was held by the other side as tightly as steel, seemingly with great ease. Yes, there is no large number of media reporters in this waiting room with dozens of cameras and cameras facing them, but there is a Xiang Lingxi behind Chen Ye! Secretary Chen, whose hands hurt badly, could not change a less manly handshake posture at all, nor could he cry out in pain! But later, Secretary Chen, who shook hands with Lukacs for a long time, let Xiang Lingxi see that something was wrong with his twitching back. She was ready to board the plane with Lukacs and hurried over, not quite sure what she was calling Chen Ye now: "Friends?"? Friend Chen? Are you all right When Xiang Lingxi said such words and came to both of them at the same time, Lukacs finally released Secretary Chen's hand and smiled impeccably at both of them. Secretary Chen, who could not have told Xiang Lingxi what had just happened, also struggled to smile after the pain, said goodbye to Xiang Lingxi, and watched them board the presidential plane from Rocomania. Until Xiang Lingxi and Lukacs finally walked away, Secretary Chen took out his own mobile phone and sent Xiang Lingxi a message full of friendship with his left hand, which had not shaken hands with Lukacs before: Lingxi, you asked me last night to buy an insurance policy for your parents and Miss An Guangxia, which I can't do, because it may involve fraud against the insurance company. But I insured your paintings on behalf of the Foreign Office. Accident insurance of RMB 7 million for 53 paintings. I wish you and your paintings a safe return. Bon voyage. Chen Ye, who thought he had done it, showed a satisfied smile after the text message was sent successfully. But never thought, Xiang Lingxi's text message reply is an instant kill back. Have you the nerve to follow me at this point? My parents and baby Ann were not in danger,Carbon in Pulp, and you deliberately took people to scare them! How do you want me to face them when I go back! Take the money to buy insurance for my parents and baby Ann to add insurance for my painting! He just bought me 7 million RMB accident insurance! Even my house is more than that! This is my life's work? In your eyes, my painting is only worth $149! Chen Ye: ".." Secretary Chen felt that he had been wrongly blamed, so he immediately used his left and right hands together and sent a text message to Xiang Lingxi to explain:.


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