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If you change the previous Kang Cheng, it is bound to follow him and never allow him to slow down. At this time, although it is expected that the fierce monk will retreat without defeat, there must be a plot.

If you change the previous Kang Cheng, it is bound to follow him and never allow him to slow down. At this time, although it is expected that the fierce monk will retreat without defeat, there must be a plot. For one thing, with wariness, you know that the fierce monk holds the ring in both hands. It is not easy to do it in front of the strong enemy. It is also a retrogression on the opposite side. The two rings are not in one place. It does not look like a hidden weapon. Maybe there are other powerful killers; Second, the fierce monk's flying cymbals are famous in Jianghu. If you go after him, you will still be tied with him at most. When he saw that he refused to be trapped, he would take the opportunity to use a hidden weapon. It's hard to win a long battle. It's better to let him slow down and release the flying cymbals to see how powerful it is. Mind slightly move, potential son slightly slow, just want to say "thief bald donkey you dare to defeat?" As soon as the word "thief" came out of his mouth, the words were not yet finished. In the blink of an eye, the fierce monk suddenly put his right hand around the crescent moon and picked it up in front of his chest. The upper three sides of the flying cymbals, followed by one side and another, turned like a windmill, and flew straight up first. When Kang Cheng finished a sentence, he saw that the flying cymbals were not hitting people. Knowing that there was a reason, he was about to use the Buddha's hand crutches to pretend to catch up with them and stop them quietly. Unexpectedly, the fierce monk's technique was so fast that no one could think about it. As soon as Kang Cheng thought about it, the fierce monk picked up the double ring and struck the cymbals. "Clank, clank, clank" rang three times in succession, and the three flying cymbals flew to each other. The movement of both sides are extremely fast and difficult to describe. When the first cymbal flew, Kang Cheng was absorbed in the enemy's movements. Seeing that the fierce monk did not use his hand to send the hidden weapon, he flew the hidden weapon up first, and then hit the weapon outside. Suddenly, he realized a truth. The flying cymbal came like an electric wheel,Magnetic Drain Plug, anxious and energetic. First, he flew straight, and when he was about to arrive, he suddenly slanted two or three feet to the side, as if he was about to fall to the ground when he was exhausted, and as if he had been blown by the wind. When he arrived, he was still straight and hit him on the head, and the sooner he arrived, the more urgent the situation became. If for ordinary people, see it a crooked,die casting parts, is bound not to take it seriously, it must be hit. Fortunately, Kang Chengyin saw that the fierce monk struck the cymbals with a double ring with a wrong sound, and realized the mystery of it. He knew that his power was here, and that it was not comparable to an ordinary hidden weapon. Seeing that the cymbals were whirling sideways, he hurried to meet them and gave way to them. Sure enough, the cymbal turned to the straight road and flew by the side of the body. Fang was lucky enough to get a plan, but he didn't know that the fierce monk's ability was more than that. This was just a way to test the depth and observe the enemy's position of dodging and coping. The really powerful tactics were all in the back. Kang Cheng's first cymbal had to give way, followed by two or three cymbals flying. The second cymbal flew straight, and the third cymbal came out askew, but the oncoming force was very fast. Seeing this, Kang Cheng knew that the fierce monk was making a feint to the east and attacking in the west. This time, he hid again, fearing that he was in the middle of the road. He hurriedly lifted a crutch in his hand and went to meet him with one arm, intending to knock down the second cymbal first, and then hit the third cymbal. Unexpectedly, in the third cymbal, the fierce monk used his true strength to change skillfully. Although he was late, when he was about to arrive, metal stamping parts ,titanium machining parts, he suddenly went askew beyond the front and cut Kang Cheng on the head. Kang Cheng only cared about the enemy's second cymbal, but he didn't expect the fierce monk's hidden weapon to be so magical. He couldn't help but be shocked. In a panic, he lowered his body and turned the handle upside down. At the same time, he turned the handle upside down and picked it up. The sound of "Zheng" hit the edge of the cymbal, and a cold wind blew across his face. The cymbal was hit up from the head and face with a cold and dazzling cold light, and flew obliquely behind him. Say too late, then fast! When the third cymbal is blocked, the second cymbal follows and flies. Kang Cheng hurriedly hit the turning Buddha hand outward along the oncoming force. The cymbal was even more strange. It was straight. It turned when it touched it. It only tilted sideways and flew straight again. Shang Xing Kang Cheng's internal strength is deep and pure, making it true strength. The cymbals have flown several feet away from the side, and have fallen to the ground together with the front cymbals. Kang Cheng felt that his strength was strong and heavy, and he was secretly frightened. Although he was not hit, the situation was extremely dangerous, and he was almost in a hurry. Especially beyond the front of the second side of the flying cymbals, but three inches away from each other, a little slow moment will be hit, the work is a little worse, not to die will be seriously injured. Kang Cheng had just finished blocking the three cymbals when he saw the fierce monk burst out laughing and said, "Kang!"! Really worthy of the five old door, unexpectedly escaped my three flying cymbals. Your Buddha still has ten flying cymbals, but he has never used them. He has never used them all except to try to find the rat who put the nail on the door. It's rare to meet an opponent. Since you have the ability, the old Buddha will make you open your eyes. As he said, as soon as the body was vertical, it was as early as it was near Zhang Xu. Kang Chengfang wanted to answer, but suddenly someone in the forest replied, "Are you looking for me, you old thief?"? Kang Xiandi, and let the foolish brother, I old Peng come also! Then a cold wind brought up a figure, flying out of the side of the forest, straight down on the spot. At the same time, the fierce monk finished his words and put down the flying cymbals. This time he did not use a crescent moon on the ring to pick it up, but shook his body, and the cross flower through the cymbals untied itself from his chest and slid along the velvet rope to his arms. The fierce monk only raised his arm upward, and the ten flying cymbals rose high and low in the air. The fierce monk originally intended that Kang Cheng could not escape the vicious hand. As soon as he heard that the enemy was on the stage, he was surprised and delighted, and even more did not neglect him. He shouted angrily, "His surname is Peng!"! Buddha has been looking for you for more than a year. Then, the sun and the moon double ring, "clank" a few, four cymbals fly out. It was Peng Qian, who had lived in seclusion in the ruined temple for many years under the alias of Ling Feng, who was still holding a crutch in one hand and a chain hammer in the other, and whose mask had been removed from his head. Kang Cheng retreated in the face of difficulties, and with a cry, he retreated to one side to watch the battle. Peng Qian's feet just touched the ground, and the fierce monk's first flying cymbal was like a leaf blown by the wind, slanting and cutting it. Peng Qianluo is about ten feet away from the fierce monk. Knowing very well that the fierce monk sent out the wrong strength with the true strength of his internal strength, he could not allow people to resist it with a weapon. As soon as he blocked it, he would spin up with the strength of the enemy's block and cut straight into the vital parts of the face. If you hide, there are several sides flying behind you, all of which are skillful kungfu that you have practiced for many years. When you send it, you look at the direction and position of the enemy's hiding, and watch it fly straight but hit from the side. Up and down, left and right, everything is pointed at by the heart, like a needle attached to magnetism, where to hide and where to hit, very few of them are not in the middle. The actual situation of the end is unpredictable, and there is no way to change. It hurts to hide. The hidden weapon has been practiced to such an extent that it has been deified. When Kang Cheng met him for the first time,socket screw plug, he escaped the first three cymbals. It was already impossible. The fierce monk held a grudge for many years and was eager for revenge. He would go all out to break this flying cymbal for him! He was also afraid that Kang Cheng would lose his fame, so as soon as he came on the stage, he made up his mind and waved the blade in his hand to meet the cymbals.


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