That summer, that fall.

Original title: Estimation of output and unit cost of down-the-hole drill! Hengwang Group 1. Main factors for selection of down-the-hole drill -Production

Gengjiaweizi spread a piece of good news that night, and a beautiful woman came to the city. People say that when you go out at night, don't wait for the moon to go up the mountain. Those young people's eyes will certainly shine by themselves at night, just like the stars in the sky, brighter and brighter. The eyes of the little bachelors will not shine when they meet the beauty. Gengjiaweizi soon spread a ballad: Chapter V (2) The stars in the sky are shining. I looked at the educated youth on the wall. The stars in the sky generally refer to those young people. Educated youth, on the other hand, refers specifically to Tong Huixian. In fact, Tong Huixian is not a beauty. It's just that the skin is very white. But her beauty lies not in her skin, but in her manner. Tong Huixian is the kind of quiet, shy girl who doesn't like to talk and smiles. When she meets a stranger, she is always low and pleasing to the eye, and her face is full of shame in that pitiful way, and then she blushes. Her white skin will be particularly conspicuous at this time, red and white, white and red, there is a kind of lovely look. Such an attitude can always arouse the aesthetic passion of peasant friends with full load. They use superior plants such as onions and lotus roots to compare with Tong Huixian to express their feelings and their recognition and approval of the city people. Peasant friends say that Tong Huixian is as watery as "green onions". Good skin is as white as "new lotus root". Tong Huixian's singing reached the ears of peasant friends,Pallet rack upright, and it was already the early winter of this year. The peasant friends never came again. This girl, who blushed as soon as she spoke, was so abnormal when she stood on the stage. In front of a dark group of people, she could sing an ordinary song until she opened her eyes, blinked, and stared at you in a daze,Narrow aisle rack, so that your chin could no longer hang. Tong Huixian joined the "Little Red Flower" Art Troupe when she was in primary school, and she has been the lead singer for more than a dozen times. As soon as this timid and shy little girl came on stage, she was able to stay on the stage and go out, but when there were more people in the audience, she was not afraid of people. In the words of the teacher: "Born to be a singer." Winter is the leisure time in the countryside, and it is the day when all kinds of cultural and recreational propaganda teams spread "ideas" and "doctrines". The commune organized the educated youth who had just jumped the queue and selected more than a dozen cultural and recreational backbones. These cultural and recreational backbones directly shoulder the earnest teachings of the Party and Chairman Mao, and send them to the hearts of peasant friends in the artistic forms of performance singing, three and a half sentences and fast board writing. They walk from village to village, play from village to village, learn from village, educate village and be educated at the same time. All the way in a lively and prosperous way. Of course, Pallet rack supplier ,Cantilever Storage rack, there will always be "improper" things. In the middle of the performance, a male and female educated youth in Shanghai were expelled. They always squatted together to speak Shanghainese when they had something to do. Their heads were less than a foot wide, leaving all the people aside. What does that look like! This is not to accept the re-education of the poor and lower-middle peasants! If it is not sectarianism and the petty bourgeoisie, what is it! Don't want them. Let them build water conservancy projects. Tong Huixian is the backbone of this group. It was Tong Huixian who performed the female solo. Accompanying her on the accordion was Xu yuan, an educated youth from Liujiacun. Tong Huixian and Xu yuan are fellow townsmen. Tong Huixian graduated from No.21 Middle School, while Xu yuan graduated from No.9 Middle School. With the same dialect, of course, there will be more time to talk together. Fortunately, there is a lesson from the educated youth in Shanghai, otherwise Tong Huixian may have made some mistakes. Tong Huixian herself realized that she had said more and more in front of Xu yuan. If we go on like this, there is no doubt that we will be in danger of sliding into the mud pit of the petty bourgeoisie. This is really too dangerous, if a person is not alert to their own, the wrong way is really a blink of an eye. The last stop of the tour performance of the cultural and entertainment propaganda team is Gengjiaweizi, which is what Tong Huixian calls "our village". The stage is set up on the playground of the village primary school. Tong Huixian sang "Wild Goose Flying Far Away" to the villagers. Tong Huixian shocked the villagers as soon as she appeared on the stage. Her steps on the stage were graceful, unlike her black eyes, which hid everywhere when she saw people. She stood in the middle of the stage in a "T" step, her pigtail hanging from her left shoulder to her chest, and she kept winding it with her fingertips. Tong Huixian always kept one shoulder facing the audience, and when she changed the sentence, the other shoulder turned around, natural and graceful, like the slender leaves of corn. Her spring and autumn shirt was made into a small lapel, with a little waist, not too much, really beautiful and simple, fully qualified to represent all the members of Gengjiaweizi to express deep feelings to the capital Beijing: Wild geese flying far away. Please fly quickly-~ ~ ~ Send a message to Beijing (where) Emancipated serfs think-read En-human hair master ~ mat ~ The phrase "benefactor Chairman Mao" was sung beautifully by Tong Huixian. The appearance on the stage is particularly moving. She would shift her weight to her front feet, with only one toe resting on the table, while the fingertips of her hands were raised in the shape of orchid leaves, crossed and slowly clasped to her chest, tightly against her heart. There are too many people who love Chairman Mao, but who loves him so much? Who can handle the relationship between the two hands and the chest so gently, so looking forward to each other, so deep as the sea, so beautiful? There is no other one within a radius of twenty miles. The villagers of Gengjiaweizi stared at Tong Huixian, and all their necks turned half a circle with the song. There is a kind of infinite closeness and remembrance in this song, and more strictly speaking, there is a kind of concern that ordinary people have,Narrow aisle rack, as if they were involved in their own flesh and blood. It's really beautiful, and it's a bit like love between children. If it were not dedicated to Chairman Mao, it would be a mistake to sing this song like this. It sounds so good that people can't support their ears and hang down.


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