King of pink knives

Original title: Estimation of output and unit cost of down-the-hole drill! Hengwang Group 1. Main factors for selection of down-the-hole drill -Production

After Xin Benshan entered the door, he rushed to open the window and said, "Prodigal son, I really don't know how your nose grows. I can't stand the smell." The man called the prodigal son sighed lightly and said, "At the beginning, you were the most vulgar person in the world, so you didn't know how to appreciate.." "All right," said Xin Benshan, "save your time! Tell you one thing, I had two punches punched in the nose today! The prodigal son looked at his nose and suddenly said with a smile, "I said, why are you suddenly picking on my nose today? It's because my nose is crooked. Look at your big face. Why don't you go and wash it quickly? The basin of water is still hot. Po has only washed half of it, and the water is still clean!" Xin Benshan said impatiently, "Prodigal son, if you talk nonsense again, I will pour that basin of water into your dog's mouth." The prodigal son laughed and said, "The three-inch golden lotus has just come out of the water, revealing a peony.". Women's foot washing is a beautiful scene in the world, but the water for foot washing must not be drunk. It seems that people are angry at the beginning, Po! Bring two pots of wine to Lao Xin to calm down, and bring a towel handle by the way. Right! Wash your hands first. Old Xin is so angry today that he can't stand the smell on your hands. Xin Benshan was so angry that he punched him. The prodigal son shrank his neck and got out of the way. Xin Benshan didn't really want to beat him. He just grabbed the flagon in front of him and led it to the mouth,heavy duty warehouse rack, but it was empty. After pouring it for a long time, there were only two or three drops of residual wine. He got angry and threw the flagon out of the window. The woman had already brought up two pots of wine. Seeing this, she hurriedly said, "Uncle Xin, that tin pot costs three taels of silver. Don't get angry with the silver." Xin Benshan grabbed a pot of wine and filled it with a big mouthful. Then he took out a handful of broken silver and said, "Jinbao, don't be stingy. I'll pay you back." Jinbao only took one look at the silver in his hand and said with a smile, "Uncle Xin,Drive in racking system, when did you settle accounts with me for eating and drinking here? I dare to charge you a penny of silver. Our master is still trying to kill me alive." The prodigal son smiled lazily and said, "Jinbao, you have to speak according to your conscience, but I haven't even broken a hair of yours." "Sir!" Said Jinbao with hidden bitterness! If you are really willing to beat me and scold me, that means you still treat me as a person around you. It is your politeness that makes me worry. Every other day, when you are happy, you come to sit down. It makes people look through their eyes all day long. How can you know that your buttocks are not hot enough to sit down and leave again? Xin Benshan said with a smile, "Jinbao, the only way to keep the prodigal son is to wash his feet more frequently, from once every three days to three times a day. The problem with this dead man is that he likes to watch women with bound feet wash their feet." "Really?" Asked Jinbao? Ye! Then I'll wash it every day. "I lied to you," laughed the prodigal son. If you wash every day, I will never come, a good pair of feet, but to wrap into that dumpling, meat squeeze bone roll, heavy duty racking system ,warehouse rack manufacturer, say how ugly is ugly. Did I look at your feet when you were washing them? Xin Benshan was stunned and said, "Prodigal son, you said it yourself. When a woman with bound feet washes her feet, it's the most beautiful scene in the world. Is it because of me?" The prodigal son said with a smile, "That's not true. The charm of a woman with bound feet when she washes her feet is indeed the most beautiful charm in the world. Because the lotus feet that a woman has wrapped around her are her biggest secret. Even her husband can't see them. Every woman washes her feet with her door closed for fear of being seen.." "That's because we knew the feet were ugly and we didn't dare to be seen," Jinbao said sadly. "My ghost broke in when I was washing my feet. When he saw my feet, he ignored me. Until he died, he was cold and indifferent. Prodigal son, the first time you asked me to wash my feet in front of you, I was either grinding for a long time or afraid of scaring you away. Until now, I have been hiding! The prodigal son burst out laughing and said, "If I really saw those feet, I would have to run away. I just appreciate the way you hide and hide, and the way you look when you put your feet into hot water. Fortunately, you wash them once every three days. If you really wash them every day, it won't be so comfortable. If I look at them every day, you may think I don't care, and you won't hide any more." It will become tasteless, and I will really never come. "Prodigal son, you have to have a conscience," Jinbao said. "I'm a widow. I'm not afraid of other people's gossip. I'll be with you without avoiding suspicion. For half a year, I have not only been in charge of you, but also of your friends' food and drink. I have never asked you for a penny. If you leave me behind, I will have to hang myself. The prodigal son frowned and said, "Jinbao, if you want to find a man, you shouldn't have chosen me as a prodigal son. I told you from the beginning that I was a prodigal and would not stay with a woman." Jinbao wiped away his tears and said, "I don't expect to marry you and stay with you for a lifetime, as long as you can stay with me for one night in three or five days." The prodigal son laughed and said, "Don't worry. As long as you treat me as a friend and don't want to remarry me, I will always treat you as the loveliest woman and the best friend. I will never forget you." "Really, you can't lie to me," Jinbao said with a sudden smile. The prodigal son laughed and said, "The advantage of my prodigal son is that he keeps his word." Jinbao sighed and said, "Actually, I've said a lot. You've never stayed with a woman for a long time. At most, you've been bored for three or five months. You've forgotten about her." The prodigal son said, "Jinbao, it's not fair for you to say that. I've never lost anyone, but I've been lost many times by others. I'm very sensible and never do anything embarrassing. When the other party finds another man, I retire quietly, but I've never lost a woman on my own initiative." "Nonsense," said Jinbao! So many women say you are ungrateful. The prodigal son laughed and said, "Those are all women who have husbands. I, the prodigal son, never compete with others for women, nor do I want to share women with others. You are the same. If you want to get married, I will retreat quietly. If I meet you on the road,Steel racking system, I will pretend that I don't know you, so as not to interfere with your family.." Jinbao gritted his teeth and said, "I.." Never marry. 。


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