Military Marriage Mian Mian: Gu Shao, Spoil His Wife Too Much

"Is she really just malnourished and in poor health?" Questions and answers about Gu Ting's worries. Yan Yihan looked at Gu Ting, "Smoking, alcoholism, poor sleep quality, excessive anger, depression, coupled with wound infection and fever in the previous days, led

"Is she really just malnourished and in poor health?" Questions and answers about Gu Ting's worries. Yan Yihan looked at Gu Ting, "Smoking, alcoholism, poor sleep quality, excessive anger, depression, coupled with wound infection and fever in the previous days, led to the decline of platelets and white blood cells." "She had a nosebleed." Gu Ting worried way, distressed to look at Huo Wei dance, twist eyebrows, added a sentence, "the original platelet is low and nosebleeds." ” Yan Yihan resisted the impulse to roll her eyes and said to Gu Ting in disgust, "Low platelets can cause nosebleeds. Her injuries are all soft. The injuries on your legs are more serious. Did she bite them?" Gu Ting locked Huo Weiwu and explained lightly, "It's not a big deal to be bitten by your own kitten. How to treat low platelets and white blood cells?" "Xuemeian Capsule is a TCM drug on the market that can raise both white blood cells and platelets." Gu Ting twisted his eyebrows, "can you not take medicine? She doesn't like to take medicine." "There are a lot of problems." Yan Yihan muttered. Gu Ting displeased to Yan Yihan, "you have a lot of problems." Yan Yihan: ".." He paused and looked at Gu Ting. The commander was too protective. Well, he was defeated. Strengthen physical exercise, improve immunity, eat more high-protein diet, her blood is hot,car radiator cap, choose cold food, such as water chestnut, lotus root, shepherd's purse, pear, fresh jujube and so on. Yan Yihan said. Don't wait, you give me a list later,Investment casting parts, as detailed as possible, and I'll ask the cook to do it. Gu Ting ordered. Oh Yan Yihan answered and looked curiously at Huo Weiwu on the bed. Her fingers quivered and her lips opened. "Cold." Gu Ting twisted his eyebrows and lost his temper. "Where's the hot water bag? Isn't it ready yet?" "Get ready now." Yan Yihan hurriedly wanted to get out of the way and send a little nurse. "Even his brothers are afraid of the commander's tempestuous temper." No, you go out, close the door, and stand by 24 hours a day. I'll call you if something happens. Said Gu Ting, walking toward the hospital bed. He lay beside the Huo Wei dance, let her lean on his arms, big hold the hand of the Huo Wei dance, pass the temperature to her. Commander, she's just malnourished. She'll be fine after a rest. Don't be so nervous. Yan Yihan reminded. Gu Ting's cold eyes swept past, "are all asleep, or is it a trivial matter?"? Get out "All right." Yan Yihan said brightly. He'd better get out of here. 、140. No Chapter 140 will you take me away? "Wait." Gu Ting shouted. Yan Yihan stopped with a sense of foreboding in his mind. Don't you know how to make a medicated diet without medicinal taste? Do it quickly. She wakes up and wants to eat. Gu Ting ordered. Yan Yihan has three black lines on his face. He is now the president's senior military doctor, to the military hospital is only gilded, even if the director, deep draw stamping ,Stainless steel foundry, he does not have to give face, only Gu Ting. Yan Yihan sighed, "the little one will go right away." He hung his head and left the ward, closing the door for them. Gu Ting looked down at Huo Wei Wu. She was much calmer than before, and her breath fell evenly on his chest. Soft and itchy. It was as if a kitten had been scratching his heart with its soft paws. Gu Ting's eyes were a little deeper. If she could be so submissive and clever when she was awake, not afraid of him, not repelling him. Huo Weiwu moved in his arms. Gu Ting's whole body tightened up, afraid of where she was uncomfortable, and locked her up. Huo Weiwu turns over. Gu Ting immediately picked up the pipe hanging water, so that she could not press it and cause blood to flow backwards. She lay on his body and found a comfortable position. Without opening her eyes, she whispered, "My ass hurts. Rub it." Her voice is charming, like acting like a spoiled child, naughty and lovely. Does she know who she's acting like a spoiled child with?! Gu Ting's blood surged and boiled. As long as she spoke to him in this tone, he would try to pick all the stars in the sky for her. He put his palm on her buttocks, pressed his palm on it, and rubbed it gently. Light, afraid to hurt her again. Remembering the scene of her bleeding and fainting, his heart is still in pain, panic continues, and his heart has not been put down until now. Uh Make it comfortable. Huo Weiwu praised lazily. Gu Ting's breath was aggravated, and there were some fine beads of sweat on his forehead. A woman says to a man that she is comfortable, which is undoubtedly a fatal temptation for a man. It's like an invitation. It's like a seduction. Somewhere in his body, there was tension, heat, and almost an explosion. She's sick now, and he doesn't want her. Gu Ting sighed. Huo Weiwu is the doom of his life. He bowed his head and kissed her lovingly on the forehead. Huo Weiwu seemed to be electrified by something. Her toes tightened and her eyelashes trembled more than before. Holding Gu Ting's arm, she whispered eagerly, "Mom, will you take me away?"? I'm so lonely. Gu Ting a meal, back stiff, scarlet slowly spread in the eyes. Lonely, take her away, and this time the word pierced his heart like a sharp knife. Where do you want to go? Gu Ting asked in a cold voice, his chest rising and falling violently. Knowing that she was asleep, he couldn't help asking. Huo Weiwu did not answer. Gu Ting looked down at her pale face, raised her chin, and tears flowed from the corners of her eyes and fell into his palm. Gu Ting twisted his brows, and his deep eyes flashed a look of pain. He said wildly, "Listen, Huo Weiwu, I will go wherever you go. You can't leave. Even in hell, I will drag you back." Huo Weiwu seemed to have a bad dream, sobbing and tears flowing more fiercely. Dad, Dad,metal stamping parts, don't die, Dad.. Huo Weiwu's mood became more and more excited. Gu Ting turned over on the back of her head. Huo Weiwu lay on the bed. He leaned over and kissed the salty tears from her eyes and swallowed them all. In the future, your tears can only flow for me. Gu Ting swore. Huo Weiwu slowly opened his eyes. 、141. No Chapter 141 don't cry for crocodile tears.


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