Immortals' Urban Life After Marriage (Morality)

"Good!" The old man immediately agreed to the request of the book Xuanzi with a cold hum. The old man in yellow clothes shook his head and stood up when he saw that the old and the young were so cruel.

"Good!" The old man immediately agreed to the request of the book Xuanzi with a cold hum. The old man in yellow clothes shook his head and stood up when he saw that the old and the young were so cruel. Soon the book Xuanzi and the old man in gray clothes sat opposite each other, and the black and white son was picked up and returned to the box. You go first, "Shuxuanzi saw the old man grabbed a sunspot and stretched out his hand and said with a smile that he didn't care, nor did he guess the odd and even numbers in his hands." Are you going to give in sincerely? The old man in gray clothes smiled and asked, his hand shrank back, and he threw the chess pieces back into the box. He frowned and felt a little uncomfortable when he saw the relaxed smile on Shuxuanzi's face. Was he really a master? What about the master? Although he is not the ninth section, he can barely reach the eighth section. Even the master of the ninth section will not necessarily lose. Besides, he knows that there is no such young man as the master of the ninth section of Go. He stretched out his hand and dropped a sunspot into the chessboard. Continue, "the book Xuanzi looked at the fall of the sunspot, picked up the eyebrows and did not fall, but spit out two words." Continue? What do you mean? The old man did not understand, and the old man in yellow beside him was also puzzled. Did he want to give in? Not likely, is it? "I let the son, you continue to the next son, you can rest assured, I Shuxuanzi mean what I say, I lost I kowtow to the teacher, never act shamelessly," Shuxuanzi smiled, that confident smile let the two old men opposite are a burst of depression. Young man, even if you are confident, you can't be like this. Blind confidence is arrogance. "The old man in gray clothes kindly reminded him. Shuxuanzi waved his hand with a smile. The old man in gray clothes also laughed. He laughed and the second chess piece fell into the chessboard." Go on, I still let you ", the book Xuanzi has been let eight pieces still let the other side continue to play." Can you play chess or not? The old man in gray clothes was a little anxious. He was really anxious. He had never seen such a rude young man. There were nine sunspots on the chessboard, but none of them were white. Even if the other side was nine, he believed that he would be defeated. He shouted and asked. All right, you put six more pieces, I give you a total of fifteen pieces,wire nail machine manufacturers, and then we officially began to play, I said, I do not bully you, this game of chess absolutely counts, you do not want to accept me this arrogant apprentice? Shuxuanzi's appearance made the old man opposite clench his fist, and he wanted to come over and beat Shuxuanzi violently. All right, all right, this is what you said. "The old man in gray clothes almost gritted his teeth to say this sentence. Today, he would like to see how much weight this young man has. He dares to give up his fifteen sons. He said to himself that if the other side let his fifteen sons lose again, he would just jump off the building and play Weiqi. But how did he know that Shuxuanzi was not a person at all. He was an immortal. Chapter 051 reappearance of hematemesis spectrum. Fifteen sunspots unusually dazzling, the position is also placed quite powerful, as if it had formed a small dilemma, the book Xuanzi this just fell into a white, the book Xuanzi's white fell on the other side of the sunspot immediately fell down, Coil Nail Making Machine ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, the old man in gray has taken a great advantage, so at the beginning of playing chess are particularly fast, with the old man playing chess book Xuan Zi simply do not want to. Pick up the chess pieces and throw them on the chessboard, and the old man in gray is almost the same, after all, he has fifteen more pieces than Shuxuanzi, Kuaiqi almost soon occupied one fifth of the chessboard, and the situation between the two sides really opened up. Eh? At this time, the old man in yellow who was watching the chess next to him frowned in surprise, and the old man in gray who was sitting there also frowned. He already had a faint feeling that something was wrong. Although the situation at this time seemed to be advantageous to him on the surface, in fact, he felt that he was being pinned down everywhere, and even in some places he was pinned down by his own son. It was really a strange thing. Holding a sunspot and thinking about it for five minutes, he still did not fall. "Brother-in-law, I didn't expect you to be so good at chess." Ren Lingxue was standing beside Shuxuanzi. She had been paying attention to the advance and retreat of the chess game. Of course, she took Bai Zi as her own. The more she looked at it, the happier she was. It seemed that Bai Zi was the general in the chessboard. Although those sunspots were fierce, they were led by Bai Zi everywhere. Ha ha, brother-in-law has more powerful, come on, sit for a while, "Shuxuanzi said gently a hand into the arms of Ren Lingxue, let Ren Lingxue sit on his lap." Oh, don't. This Ren Lingxue startled after hurriedly struggled to push up, but where to escape from the book Xuanzi's embrace, in the book Xuanzi's arms rolled a few circles also did not break free, and finally was simply hugged by the book Xuan son, this Ren Lingxue although also like the book Xuan son, but after all, he is his brother-in-law, a burst of contradictions in the heart. Finally, she could not escape and had to be held by her brother-in-law reluctantly, but the faint smile on the corners of her mouth betrayed her mood. Sit down and watch your brother-in-law play chess. My brother-in-law promises that we can leave after six more games. "Shuxuanzi smiled and coaxed Ren Lingxue in his arms." Ture? Six more pieces? When Ren Lingxue heard Shu Xuanzi say so, she naturally didn't believe it. There weren't many people on the chessboard yet. After looking at the chessboard again, she shook her head in disbelief. When did the brother-in-law lie to you? Hey, old man, you can also help, you two are a group, you can help him point out ah, "Shuxuanzi shouted to the opposite side at this time, his eyes also looked at the old man in yellow clothes, meaning very simple, you two can go to battle together, as the saying goes, the bystander is clear,Nail production machine, maybe the bystander can clearly point out the way?"? Shuxuanzi didn't care. No, this position can't fall. It's all over in the lower right corner. Look at this point and this point. "The old man in gray was pulled by the old man in yellow as soon as he was about to fall. The sunspot didn't fall in the end. The old man in gray looked at what the old man was pointing at and took his hand back with a shout. Sweat slowly came out on his forehead." This I can't leave here. Where should I go? The old man in gray seemed to be asking the old man in yellow, and he seemed to be talking to himself.


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