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Original title: Tailor, a Craftsman's Profession Fading Away "Food, clothing, shelter and transportation" is the basic form of human social life, from the ancient times to the bustling city, living in better houses, wearing more beautiful clothes, eating more delicious food, to more distant places, these simple and unadorned needs are accompanied by the whole process of human development. And we have to admit that those hard-working and wise craftsmen rely on their own hands to promote the development of human needs. "Food, clothing, shelter and transportation" ranked first in the clothing, "left turn • Dinggong ten years" records: China has a great etiquette, so it is called the summer,custom tailor tape, there is the beauty of clothing chapter, called the China. In addition, Chinese people have a good face. In "clothing, food, shelter and transportation", only clothes can be seen by outsiders at a glance. Everyone has the heart of beauty. So even if Yang Bailao can't afford to pay rent for the New Year,tailor measure tape, he still has to pull a 2-foot red hair rope for Xi'er, which shows that Chinese people attach great importance to clothing. A tailor is a craftsman who makes or alters clothes for a living. In the past, ready-made clothes were rarely sold in the market. People bought cloth from cloth shops and sent it to tailors to tailor clothes. Most of the cloth in cloth shops was imported from all over the country. Powerful bosses would also get some imported cloth from Hong Kong, Taiwan or abroad to catch up with fashion. Business would naturally be much more prosperous than local shops. Therefore, once upon a time, striking signs of tailors could always be seen in streets, lanes, shopping malls and shops. A sewing machine, a pair of scissors and a ruler became the standard of tailors. Make a pair of trousers 10-20 yuan, make a jacket 30-50 yuan.. Today, seamstress measuring tape ,bespoken tape measure, a bowl of noodles is only 30 yuan, which is really not expensive. The threshold of tailoring is not high, and anyone can do it as long as he can endure this hardship. There is a popular saying in the industry: "If you hate a person, send him to learn tailoring", which shows the hardship of learning this profession. In the early years, the tailoring industry also had its own special rules. Most of the masters brought their apprentices. When an apprentice had to start from small things, clean the shop, nail buttons, iron clothes, greet guests, and after a period of time, the apprentice could start to make a plate button, inlay a piping and do something related to clothes. If you really want to start cutting and making a dress independently, you can't think about it for three or five years. Expand the full text A good tailor needs to be proficient in tailoring clothes, sewing by hand, ironing by pulling out, sewing by flying thread, and being quick and straightforward. Experienced old tailors can estimate the size of customers without even measuring their upper body. This is kungfu! If you are not good at learning, the clothes you make will be one minute more or one inch less, and the shape will not fit well, resulting in rework or even loss of money. Therefore, in order to truly become a qualified tailor is not easy, is the need to calm down, endure loneliness, the craftsman spirit of excellence. With the vigorous development of industrial ready-made clothes and the arrival of the information age in recent years, people's way of life has also undergone great changes, as long as the click of the mouse can directly buy all kinds of ready-made clothes, easily delivered to the door, the tailor industry is declining day by day, it is difficult to find a striking tailor shop in the streets and lanes of some big cities. Most of them are crowded in the most inconspicuous corners of a residential area, some even do not have a sign, and their main business has changed from making ready-made clothes to changing trouser edges, cutting trouser legs and mending trousers. Most young people can no longer understand the yearning for a new dress,mini tape measure, the smooth texture of the cloth brushed by their fingertips, and the hand-made taste of the craftsmen. Perhaps the tailor profession has been slowly forgotten by people, but the memory of the past will eventually be a classic memory that can not be duplicated.. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com


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