Rebirth meets love

"Dong Xuewei is also angry, she said she knew how Yu Shanshan and Lu Zhi together."

"Dong Xuewei is also angry, she said she knew how Yu Shanshan and Lu Zhi together.". But before the inside story could be told, Yu Shanshan directly sealed her mouth with her fist. Then the two of them fought in our classroom. You don't know how exciting that scene is! Two people who were usually as aloof as goddesses fought like madmen, and then our head teacher came, and the two of them stopped. Ning Yan listened quietly, and when Tong Jia finished speaking excitedly, she said gently, "Let's go to dinner." Tong Jia flattened her mouth and poked her forehead. "Why aren't you interested at all?" Ning Zhen smiles, the eyes are curved, the eyes are clean and bright. Tong Jia had no choice but to go to dinner with her. Ning Zhen just came, and he hasn't got a student card yet. If you can't eat in the canteen, you can only go out to eat. There is a snack street outside No.3 Middle School, which is cheap and good. It is time to eat, and the aroma of all kinds of food in the air is interwoven. The sun is hot, and Ning Zhen's breath is hot. She and Tong Jia ordered a wonton and sat waiting. There was no air conditioner in the shop, and Tong Jia was sweating all over. Zhen Zhen, want to have a meal, you took off the mask. Ning Zhen is hotter, however here come and go is a person, she is afraid to bump into the classmate of 7 classes. It was impossible to eat without taking off her mask. She walked around the shop. There were few people in the shop, and there was no familiar face. Hesitated for a moment, Ning Zhen hand around the back of the ear, took off the mask. It's much cooler. Tong Jia grinned, "Zhen Zhen, I think you are more beautiful than Yu Shanshan, what mask do you wear?"? It's summer, and I feel sorry for you. Ning Zhen blushed and whispered, "I caught a cold. It's not good to infect my classmates." The boss quickly brought two bowls of wonton over: "Little classmate, eat slowly." Both girls thanked him. Ning Zhen ate a mouthful, full of teeth. The taste is familiar and strange, she went to the north in college, where many food tastes are different from the south. Tong Jia chopsticks suddenly a meal, pushed Zhen Zhen: "Look … …" Lu Zhi of your class! Ning Zhen is choked, in the heart one cool, she coughs an edge to put on the mask that puts aside quickly. Lu Zhi and a group of people came down from the Internet cafe on the second floor opposite. Chen Dongshu narrowed his eyes and looked diagonally opposite, grinning. Brother Zhi, coincidentally, your unity and friendship are there. Lu Zhi looked up lazily and looked in the direction of Chen Dongshu's finger. The timid new classmate, Nero Marquina Marble Slab ,Artificial Marble Slabs, lying on the edge of the table, coughed his heart out. Chapter 3 (automatically generated by the system to facilitate reading records) Chapter 3 listen to something. The midday air was sultry, and Lu Zhi's black hair was slightly moist. He took a look at Ning Zhen and took back his eyes lightly. Chen Dongshu tutted: "The new classmate is ill, but the elder brother still bullies others. It's so pitiful." Before Lu Zhi could utter a word, Lin Zichuan hit Chen Dongshu on the head: "Idiot." I don't have eyes. It's obviously choking. A group of delinquent teenagers went to the opposite restaurant to order food. The air conditioner in the restaurant was on, and the cool came to their faces. Everyone knew that Lu Zhi was picky and handed him the menu: "Brother Zhi, what do you want to eat?" Lu Zhi casually gave the menu to one side of Lin Zichuan: "I go out." Out of the restaurant, there was another heat wave. Lu put one hand in his trouser pocket and scattered his broken hair in front of his forehead. His casual appearance was inexplicably attractive, and the passing students peeked at him one after another. Without squinting, he went to the small supermarket next door. In the wonton shop, Tong Jia patted Ning Zhen on the back: "Zhen, are you all right?" Ning Zhen shook her head, she had just coughed, her throat was itchy, and her eyes were covered with a layer of water. The corners of his eyes were slightly red, and there was a layer of sweat on his back. Suddenly there was a bottle of ice water on the table, and Ning Zhen looked up subconsciously, facing Lu Zhi's dark eyes. Lu Zhi with a bit lazy, see her stupefied appearance, eyes still with tears. He raised the corners of his mouth. Ning Zhen's head was empty and he lowered his head subconsciously. New classmate, this is for you. He said slowly, "a reward for helping to move books." Ning Zhen dare not refuse, she understands his character, must give a thing when, even if do not want, he also can think of a way to come over. She stretched out her hand and gathered the ice water in her hand, which was cold to the palm of her hand. Thank you Ning Zhen thanks, sound like a gnat. Lu Zhi glanced at her red ears and turned away. Pushing open the door of the restaurant, a group of people winked at Lu Zhi. The look is subtle. Do not need a person to push, Chen Dongshu self-conscious charge: "Zhi elder brother, did you take a fancy to someone else's little girl?" Lu Zhiyun glanced at him lightly and lifted his thin lips slightly: "Look at your mother's egg." I don't even know what it looks like. Someone laughed out loud, like a signal, and everyone giggled. Xiao Feng laughed so hard that his shoulders trembled. "Brother Zhi is the famous Gao Leng Emperor of the Third Middle School. Have you ever heard of a metaphor?" Someone took the hint and said, "Brother Zhi is the most ostentatious flower. If you stay where you are, there will be butterflies jumping up." Even his ex-girlfriend, Yu Shanshan, had been chasing Lu Zhi for half a month before he got together with Lu Zhi. It's a pity that the woman did it herself. Gao Lengruzhi, I don't believe he will take a fancy to a girl who has only been here for half a day. Xiao Feng said. Chen Dongshu almost jumped up and grabbed Xiao Feng's neck and shook it back and forth: "***, just now you ***ing said the most vigorously!" He said that Lu Zhi must have taken a fancy to his little sister, but he changed his mind in a twinkling of an eye and got scolded. Just now Lu Zhi walked out of the restaurant and took a bottle of ice water to the wonton shop. With an expression of seeing a ghost on his face, Chen Dongshu said uncertainly,Calacatta Quartz Slab, "Brother Zhi has a bad conscience. Did you go to apologize to others?" "Does Brother Zhi have such a thing as conscience?" "No! Ha ha ha ha!" Xiao Feng raised his eyebrows: "Brother Zhi must have taken a fancy to her. When did you see him take the initiative?" Lin Zichuan frowned. "Just delivering water." A group of idle people had a heated discussion, and Lu Zhi pushed the door and came in to keep silent. Lu Zhi ignored them and put a cigarette between his fingertips. No one could see his expression clearly in the bluish white smoke. —— Before class in the afternoon, Ning Zhen went to the logistics department to get two sets of school uniforms and a student handbook.


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