The more Tuo Ba Ye and Yu Shi concubine looked, the more frightened they were.

The more Tuo Ba Ye and Yu Shi concubine looked, the more frightened they were. If in the past, this man was not the opponent of Kehan Huai, but at this time Kehan Huai was seriously injured and Zhenyuan was weak. What's more, there was a big day to interfere with the sneak attack. It was difficult to support for a long time. The wind and snow were getting bigger and bigger. Tuo Ba Ye watched attentively and felt uneasy. Unconsciously, they were covered with snow and frozen, like two thick snowman icicles. I can't see the original face. Peng! Kehanhuai seemed to have lost its True Qi, and the blue light cyclone suddenly dimmed. Huang Ju was overjoyed and gave a low shout. The bronze umbrella opened steeply, and nine rounds of white light overlapped like circles. It shot out like a sharp cone. In an instant, it broke through the broken wave cyclone and hit Kehanhuai on the right shoulder. Tuo Ba Ye and Yu Shi's concubine's heart sank and they cried out in the dark that it was terrible. But see Kehanhuai body a shake, pale face, cyclone light suddenly convergence, toward the back of the cabin flying back. How can Huang Ju allow him to breathe? His eyes were sharp and sharp, followed by urgent telegrams, bronze umbrellas flying, nimbus arrows exploding angrily, such as rainstorm and thunder, which forced him to be in danger in an instant. Tuo Ba Ye Da Rin, fiercely gritted his teeth, secretly concentrated, with the intention to resist the gas, bit by bit to collide with the meridians, determined to fight for both sides, but also to break through the meridians,Agate Slabs Countertops, save the next Kehanhuai. Wusilanma suddenly stretched out her hand to press the top of his head and that of Yu Shi's concubine. Chuanyin said with a smile, "Prince Tuoba, a gentleman watches the tiger fight without saying a word. Just watch it obediently. Don't act rashly.". I'm so timid. If there's a sign of trouble and my mind is in a mess, maybe I'll hurt your sister Yu Shi. Wouldn't that be unfair? Tuo Ba Ye was surprised and angry, knowing that she would do what she said, so he had to restrain his mind and wait for an opportunity to move. The yellow torch attacked faster and faster, and the bronze umbrella whirled, blazing and dancing, enveloping Kehanhuai; thousands of strands of white gas flew out of the surrounding cliffs and merged into the copper umbrella,White Marble Slabs, stirring up little silver sparks. The copper umbrella gradually shrinks, and the light becomes more and more strong and dazzling. As if pressed by a huge stone, Kehanhuai could not bear the heavy burden. He slowly bent and bowed his head until he sat cross-legged on the ground. Even his arms could not stretch straight. The cyclone rushed out of his fingertips and circled around his body, holding against the edge of the copper umbrella and preventing it from closing. Tuo Ba Ye was frightened, knowing that he was still struggling to resist the suction of the nine umbrellas of Yin and Yang. Once he was brought into it, not only would he be sealed by the primordial spirit, but his limbs would also be immediately crushed into bone plasma and blood. Just as he was burning with anxiety, he suddenly heard Kehan Huai Shen drink in a low voice, like thunder in the dark night. A dazzling blue light suddenly exploded, rolling and exploding, straight into the sky. Broken Wave Air Whirl Chop "Unsheathed" Again! "Boom!" Loud noise, thousands of air waves like silver snakes dancing, lightning vertical and horizontal. Huang Ju snorted, the blue light whirled, and the bronze umbrella flew into the sky. His body shook violently, and he tried to stand still, but he couldn't hold it. Suddenly he fell several feet and fell to the ground, Grey Marble Slab ,grey marble slab, spurting a big mouthful of blood, and the snow was red. Ke Hanhuai's figure also flashed, suddenly fell back, and the blue light suddenly disappeared. Whew! The snow is falling, the ice is shooting everywhere, and the umbrella pen of Yin and Yang falls straight down, inserting into the snow not far away, "buzzing" straight. It turned out that Kehanhuai expected that his True Qi could not last for a long time, so he put all his eggs in one basket and deliberately induced Huang Ju to press down with all his strength. The greater the pressure, the greater the anti-shock force. Kehanhuai's True Qi was compressed in a very small space, ready to go, and suddenly burst out with great strength, forming a fierce and unmatched whirlwind to defeat the enemy at one stroke. It can be said to put it to death. Tuo Ba Ye and Yu Shi's concubine were surprised and delighted, and immediately put their hearts at ease. Usilanma gave a low sigh, and her bright green eyes flashed a strange look, as if she were quite surprised. "Why don't you kill me?" Huang Ju gasped with a dry cough. Kehanhuai gently wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. He smiled and said, "The God of Mount Kinmen is highly respected, and he is kind to her. How dare Kemou be disrespectful?"? I only hope that God will let me go, and I will be grateful. Huang Ju's thin eyes were shining in all directions. He stared at Ke Hanhuai. After a while, he sighed, "What a broken wave knife!"! He deserves to be the first person after fifty years of the Great Wilderness. Old man. I lost to you. He raised his grey eyebrows slightly, then suddenly patted the snow and said in a deep voice, "But if you seduce a saint and violate the first commandment, your crime will be unforgivable!"! It's not that I won't let you go, but it's hard to disobey. After the old man killed you, he would cut his own throat to apologize and accompany you on the way to the afterlife! Before the words were out, the dog roared wildly and pounced on Kohanhuai. Tuo Ba Ye was shocked. Fang Fu concentrated on his luck. Tianlinggai suddenly tightened. A fierce True Qi rushed down and went straight into his heart. He heard Wu Silanma's soft voice: "Be good and don't move." At that time, "Zheng" to a crisp sound, the wind broke the roar, a curved blue and white dazzling knife flying angry dance, split down in the air, toward the dog thunder chop. Ke Hanhuai and Huang Ju were shocked. "It's you," they said. The dog wailed in fright, and its wings clapped with electricity. Suddenly, it broke through the air and rushed away. The sword is whirling, shining beautifully in the light of the snow, and it turns out that the Queen Mother of the West's knife-shaped jade wins the "fierce of heaven"! The snowflakes were dancing, a figure was flying down, and the "Tianzhili" was turning over leisurely and hanging lightly on her waist. Snow fur white clothes, jade swaying, melon seeds face dignified and beautiful, such as frost and snow condensation; elegant and noble, not angry from Wei, is the Queen Mother of the West white water fragrance. Uslanma smiled and murmured in an inaudible voice, "Here we are at last!" Tuoba's ambition sank again. "Could it be that the Queen Mother of the West was called by her?" Suddenly I guessed what she was going to do, and I was even more angry. The Queen Mother of the West glanced quickly at Kohanhuai with her pale blue eyes. She had a very complicated look on her face, and her dimples were faintly flushed. With a little concentration, she saluted Huang Ju and said respectfully, "I don't know if Shifu is here. Shuixiang is late to meet you. Please forgive me." Huang Ju Mu shook his head without expression and said, "How can I do anything? How dare I pretend to be a saint again?" "Once a teacher, always a father," said the Queen Mother of the West. Master's kindness and teachings, Shuixiang dare not forget for a moment. Her tone was humble,Calacatta Nano Glass, and her voice gradually softened to a more pleasant sound. Huang Ju snorted and sneered, "I don't deserve it.". Do you really have me as a master in your eyes and heart? If so, how can there be today? The Queen Mother of the West frowned lightly and wanted to speak.


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