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In the room, Wang Lin hesitated a little. With a wave of his right hand,

In the room, Wang Lin hesitated a little. With a wave of his right hand, he made a ban and landed on the door. Then he sat cross-legged on the ground and meditated with his eyes closed. Time passed slowly, and when the night came, Wang Lin's mind suddenly moved, and he could feel that from his own ban, a unique spiritual power was transmitted. He knew that this was Zhou Lin coming back. This week Lin's cultivation is only the beginning of the formation of Dan, and it is impossible to see through Wang Lin's ban. This Yuntian sect is divided into two sects, the inner sect makes alchemy and the outer sect resists the enemy. As a disciple of Neizong, Zhou Lin's cultivation is not the key point, but his alchemy! "Come out and see me!" Zhou Lin's voice came slowly from the outside. Wang Lin opened his eyes, stood up and walked out of the room. Although it was late at night, there was a bright moon in the sky, and for practitioners, its visibility was no different from that in the daytime. Zhou Lin was now standing in the courtyard. After Wang Lin came out, he threw out a jade slip with his right hand and said, "As a teacher, you should be in seclusion for at least a few months or several years, so that you can digest the water elixir. In this way, you won't have much time to take care of your alchemy lessons.". In this jade slip, there are my teacher's alchemy experience and some alchemy prescriptions in the past decades. You should explore them by yourself first. If there is anything you don't understand, you can go to the third courtyard in the south to find your ancestor. My teacher has reported to her about accepting you as an apprentice. Wang Lin took the jade slip and put it on his forehead. He was stunned. He didn't expect that Zhou Lin would give him such a jade slip. In this jade slip,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, he recorded his numerous alchemy experiences in the past decades in detail. Among them, he made a detailed record of the failure of alchemy or the decline of quality. From the degree of detail inside, this jade slip can be said to be of great value to Wang Lin at this time. He and Zhou Lin just met several times, he never thought that the other party actually gave such jade slips, which was in sharp contrast to Wang Lin's mind, which was full of treacherous feelings between master and apprentice. For a while, Wang Lin took the jade slips and felt a sense of complexity in his heart. Zhou Lin did not notice anything unusual about Wang Lin. After pondering a little, he went on to say, "Your master has a gentle temper. She will tell you in detail about all kinds of points to pay attention to in alchemy.". In addition,Gear Reduction Motor, you can use the herbs in my yard at will, but remember not to cut the roots so that the herbs can grow here. As for the Dan Ding, don't touch it. If you don't have certain alchemy attainments, it's impossible to use it. Wang Lin took a deep breath and nodded. Zhou Lin was a little silent. He sighed and said, "Actually, I should have taught you some alchemy before I closed the pass. But if I don't use the water elixir immediately, its efficacy will be reduced after a long time. After I leave the pass as a teacher, I will refine a few pots of elixir for you as compensation." When he finished, he took one look at Wang Lin and went on to say, "As a teacher, the place of seclusion is in the mountain behind Yuntianzong. So you can continue to live in this courtyard. There is a forbidden guard outside my room. Don't touch it." When Zhou Lin finished, he took out a set of clothes, a token and a storage bag from the storage bag and put them aside. He hesitated for a moment and then took out a white jade vase and said, "This is the clothes of ten generations of disciples that the teacher has collected for you. As for this white jade vase, there are three half-grade elixirs in it. You take two of them, small geared motors ,Brushless Gear Motor, and the last one is used for analysis according to the method in my jade slips." After saying that, Zhou Lin turned into a rainbow and left the courtyard. Wang Lin stood quietly for a while, got up, picked up his clothes and pills, and returned to the room. Zhou Lin's attitude, let Wang Lin have a very strange feeling, this feeling, he almost never met, after a long time, Wang Lin opened the white jade bottle, immediately a refreshing fragrance of medicine from the jade bottle. Inside, there are three glittering and translucent yellow elixirs, each the size of a lychee. Wang Lin picked one up and looked at it a little. Instead of taking it immediately, he patted the storage bag. Suddenly, a strange beast the size of a palm flew out of it. The small beast waved its wings and made a whistling sound. As soon as Wang Lin flicked his finger, the elixir fell into the mouth of the little beast. Then, his eyes were fixed on the little beast, observing its every move. After a long time, the little beast not only did not have any negative situation, but was full of energy, flapping its wings more and more vigorously, and even its size slowly grew a circle. Wang Lin looked a little, his right hand closed, and the little beast flew into the storage bag. He planned to observe for a few days, and if there was nothing unusual about the little beast, then he would take the elixir. A night of meditation, nothing to say. The next morning, Wang Lin woke up from breathing. He could feel that the spiritual power in his body was much more. The spiritual power in Yuntian Zong was extremely abundant. The effect of practicing here was very good. Wang Lin got up and put on the clothes of the disciples of Yuntian Sect. It was a white gown with a red alchemy furnace embroidered on the cuff. After putting away the token representing his identity and the white jade bottle, Wang Lin patted the storage bag, and suddenly there was one more thing in his right hand. Although it was also a white jade bottle, the liquid in it was invaluable, several times more precious than those ordinary elixirs. After drinking a mouthful of spiritual liquid, Wang Lin breathed a little, and his hands moved quickly, turning into a shadow in front of him. The spiritual power transformed from the spiritual liquid in his body quickly flowed through the meridians of his hands and slowly penetrated out. Gradually, Wang Lin's hands were getting faster and faster. Sweat dripped slowly from his forehead. At the same time, he drank low in his mouth: "Go!" Suddenly, the shadows in his hands immediately came out and interlaced with each other, forming a complete circle of prohibition, printed on the ground. Suddenly, a circular halo appeared on the ground, flashing bursts of light. Wang Lin wiped the sweat on his forehead, with the cultivation of Fen Shen, if you play a scattered ban, you can still do it, but if you want to play a complete ban circle, then you need the help of spiritual liquid, and there is a certain load on the body. After the forbidden circle on the ground was imprinted, a trace of cold breath slowly came from it, and at the same time,Micro Gear Motor, Wang Lin's own, slowly emerged from the forbidden circle. After trying the ban, Wang Lin took a deep breath and sank into the ban again.


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