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He scolded secretly in his heart. He stood there for a long time and felt that it was unreasonable. "Your Excellency," he said in a low voice, "be careful.

He scolded secretly in his heart. He stood there for a long time and felt that it was unreasonable. "Your Excellency," he said in a low voice, "be careful. It's not worth getting angry.". Not as good as The slave will find you some clean maids to come over, and you can choose again. Hearing this, Xie Jingchen only slightly picked his lips, "the emperor summoned me, I have no leisure to pick slowly." Then he looked sideways at Yao Shu, and with a faint glance, he was so frightened that he almost beat the pendulum. "Manager Yao's brain is getting more and more useless." Gentle as a jade face, but the words made people weak at the knees. The sweat on Yao Shu's forehead flowed down like a waterfall. He knelt down on the ground and repeatedly pleaded for mercy: "The slave is dull, the slave is dull!" Several Royal Guards guarding outside looked at each other, and their hearts were full of them. People say that accompanying the emperor is like accompanying a tiger, but the work of serving the prime minister is no easier than serving the emperor. Manager Yao is also pitiful to see, adults have a strange nature, can not tolerate others to approach, according to their view, even if all the servant girls in the house to find is also a waste of work. Several people were sighing, but they saw a slender figure coming straight towards the main house. They fixed their eyes on it. It turned out to be a woman in a long aqua dress, with a servant girl in a double bun. Her little white face was bright and beautiful, and her expression was soft and dignified. A sharp-eyed man thought she looked familiar, but for a moment he couldn't remember what her name was. When he saw her rushing inside,phycocyanin spirulina, he remembered to stop her. "What's the matter?" A Jiu was dazzled by the cold light of the cold knife, raised his hand to cover it slightly, and was about to explain the purpose of his visit when he heard a man's voice coming from the room, showing a bit of laziness, "Let her in." The Royal Guards immediately took back their swords and raised their hands. A Jiu hung his head and bit his lip mercilessly. Then he lifted his skirt and stepped up the steps. He was about to reach out and push the door open when he saw the door being pulled open. She was slightly stupefied. She watched a man and a red-eyed servant girl come out of it. She could not help but take one more look and recognized that it was the manager of the prime minister's mansion. When Yao Shu saw her, he was obviously surprised, and his eyes were somewhat surprised. Eyes crossed, but quickly moved away,pumpkin seed extract, and neither of them spoke. Yao Shu scratched his head in puzzlement, went out of the room and looked back, but saw that the door had been closed. He frowned. Were you dazzled just now? Dry name of a Jiu, how is she wearing the clothes of a servant girl, so quickly changed the profession? After thinking about it, he didn't realize why. Manager Yao shook off his forehead and stopped thinking about it. He said a few words to the servant girl who was still in shock, and then sent her away. When Ah Jiu entered the room, her downcast eyes first caught the crumbs of the blue and white porcelain teacup. There was no reaction on her face. She quietly looked up and saw Xie Jingchen standing in front of the window with his back to her. He was tall and straight. He covered his eyes and said respectfully, "Your Excellency." He looked back at Ah Jiu, but did not speak. He just moved slightly and sat down on the official hat chair beside him, looking at her calmly. The bent knees gradually became weak, but without his opening, she dared not and could not straighten up. "Ah Jiu frowned without a trace and gritted his teeth. After a while, the man finally opened his mouth and said, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,turmeric extract powder," Get up. As if relieved, she dared to gradually straighten up her already numb knees and lowered her head and said, "Thank you, Lord." Xie Jingchen's eyes swept over the face that had been supple and calm from beginning to end, all the way down, passing over her simple but neat clothes, and finally looking at her clean and white hands. The golden scorpion is on her, and he is the master of the scorpion. Maybe he can try. From his thin lips he uttered three very light words, like leaves falling in the autumn wind, and said to her, "Come here." A Jiu was stupefied and did not dare to hesitate. He took a few steps forward according to his command and stopped at a position about three steps away. Picking the grass and looking at the wind, just a few sides, she has vaguely known some of the habits of this person. Three steps away, this is his degree, no one can exceed, no one has the courage to exceed. She no longer forward, his eyes as deep as the cold pool, only indifferently repeated just two words, concise, every word cold: "come here." The expression on Ah Jiu's face became surprised, her heart was full of doubts, her eyes crossed a few hesitations, she lowered her eyes and thought for a while, but she did not dare to disobey him. The embroidered shoes under her long skirt moved slightly and moved closer to him. Deep scheming people, as well as extremely strong martial arts, people have to guard against. People who are afraid of death usually have a unique perception of danger, and Ah Jiu is secretly alert. The man in front of her was inconstant and unpredictable, and when he was beside her, she dared not relax for a moment, but could only tighten up almost stiffly, hanging her head and holding her breath. The eyes were deep and deep, and they never left her for a moment. The distance was getting closer and closer, but his body did not appear as uncomfortable as he had imagined, which seemed to be the same as what he had speculated. Because she has his magic in her body, he will not reject her as he rejects others. He half narrowed his eyes, trying to prove his conjecture more accurately. A Jiu slowly approached him, and from time to time he would quietly raise his eyes to look at his face. Suddenly, he raised his left hand, startled, and subconsciously tried to dodge back. However, to her surprise, the dust-free hand fell from the Nine Heavens into the mortal world and clasped her wrist. The touch was cold and covered with tender and warm texture, which made her feel excited all over. A Jiu turned pale with fright and was puzzled when the man suddenly withdrew his arm and pulled her forward uncontrollably with a strong attack. Insolent strength, half a minute can not be resisted. A Jiu was dragged, suddenly at the foot of the center of gravity is unstable, unexpectedly so rampage toward him in the past. Consternation and panic flashed through my mind and eventually turned into a blank. Her face was stunned until something hit her soft chest, and a sharp pain finally pulled her thoughts back from flying away. Her heart took Huainan words severely scolded,ghana seed extract, Xie Jingchen sat on the chair, with that angle, with toes can also think until just what is on her chest. prius-biotech.com


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