The imperial concubine and the beauty seek

"Oh, Qin." Ling Yin hugged her tightly again: "I know, I accompany you to go." "Thank you, Ling Yin." Lanqin leaned on his chest.

"Oh, Qin." Ling Yin hugged her tightly again: "I know, I accompany you to go." "Thank you, Ling Yin." Lanqin leaned on his chest. Tomorrow, we'll go, shall we? Lanqin asked. Not tomorrow. "On the ninth day of the eighth month," said Ling Yin, "I will hold a ceremony to confer titles on you." "The conferring ceremony?" Lanqin twisted her eyebrows and said. Yes, I have decided that the ninth day of the eighth month will be the conferring ceremony. Ling Yin firmly way. The tone is not to be questioned. Oh Lanqin never spoke again. I will give you the best ceremony. Ling Yin said. The best? "Is this the last time?" Asked Lan Qin. "Qin.." Ling Yin was stupefied, but did not think that Lanqin would ask such a question, only said: "I will give you the best, no matter what, is the best." "The best." Lanqin murmured. Well, the best! Ling Yin repeated her words. Lanqin was sitting on the couch in the inner room, embroidering another purse. Elegant orchid, with two butterflies flying on it. Lanqin smiled and looked at the two butterflies, always feeling that something was missing. Madam Xiner came in from the outside and bowed. What's the matter Lanqin raised his head and asked faintly. Madam,plastic pallet supplier, the emperor wants you to go to the hall. Xiner answered. What's the matter? Lanqin put down his purse and asked. The emperor ordered the court to measure the size of his wife so that he could sew the dress of the hall. Lanqin hesitated for a moment, then stood up and went to the layman. Came to the hall, see Ling Yin sitting behind the table, and under the hall, standing a few palace. Lanqin looked at Ling Yin, but saw him smiling happily. You,plastic pallet box, measure the ruler for your wife. Ling Yin ordered. The court officials bowed and said, "No." Then walked to Lanqin's side, still bowed and saluted: "Madam, the maidservant offended." Lanqin nodded and stretched out his arm. After half a stick of incense, the palace judge finished measuring the size, and then bowed down. Be sure to make it with your heart, and then I will be rewarded. Ling Yin pulled Lanqin into his arms and smiled at the palace. Thank you, Your Majesty. Ling Yin took his eyes back to Lanqin's face and kissed her lightly. "How are you, my wife? Are you satisfied?" Lanqin said with a smile, "It's just so-so. I don't know what kind of dress it will be, and I don't know if I like it." "I promise you will like it." Ling Yin kissed her forehead again. Is it? Lanqin smiled noncommittally. "Then I'll wait and see." "Your Majesty, Lady Ruyi asks for an interview." Zhang Duoshou walked into the main hall. Xuan. Ling Yin glanced at Lanqin and said lightly. Xuan Ruyi's wife has an audience. Zhang Duoshou preached to the world. Lady Ruyi, foldable bulk container ,plastic pallet manufacturer, supported by Yin'er, walked slowly into the hall and said, "I would like to see Your Majesty." "Get up." Ling Yin smiled and said, "Madam, what are you doing here today?" Lady Ruyi raised her head and saw Lanqin sitting in Ling Yin's arms with her eyes down. She couldn't help being jealous. Her anger rushed to her forehead and her eyes flashed with resentment. Soon, however, she hid the jealousy on her face. With a smile on his face, he said, "Your Majesty, I have been ordered by the Empress Dowager to prepare for the wedding of the Marquis of Xinyang." Lanqin heard the words of Lady Ruyi, not by raising his head, looking at Ling Yin. She knew that Ling Yin married Luo Ning, but she didn't know that the wedding was also down to. But Ling Yin said lightly, "Now that the Empress Dowager has given this matter to your ladyship, it's all right for your ladyship to make her own decisions. You don't have to report back to me." "My concubine took the order." Lady Ruyi bowed and said, "There's just one more thing that needs your Majesty's will." "What is it?" Ling Yin asked. Your Majesty, the date of the wedding is set on the ninth day of the eighth month. It's a little hasty. Said Mrs. Ruyi. The ninth day of August? Lanqin stared at Ling Yin. What does he mean? Why did you set Ronin's wedding date on the same day as his canonization ceremony? What the hell does he mean? Ling Yin ignored Lanqin's strange look and said with a calm face, "What does madam mean?"? Do you want me to take back my order? "I dare not." Lady Ruyi said with a smile, "It's just that the mansion of the Marquis of Xinyang hasn't been built yet. The Empress Dowager said that she would choose a palace in the palace as the new house of the Marquis of Xinyang.". Therefore, it is still up to His Majesty to make a decision. "Did the queen mother order it?" Ling Yin twisted his brows and said, "Well, go and ask the queen mother.". ” Lady Ruyi was stupefied. "I promise," she said, "I will obey the decree." Ling Yin waved his hand and said, "If you have nothing else to do, then step down." "My concubine will retire." As soon as Lady Ruyi bowed, she retreated to the outside of the hall. At the moment of turning around, he glared at Lanqin again. His eyes were full of resentment, and there was no smile to hide it. Lanqin also felt Mrs. Ruyi's eyes. However, she was not afraid, but, like a challenge, stared back. Lady Ruyi's chest is already going to explode, and she doesn't want to see the way Ling Yin and Lanqin kiss me. As soon as he threw his sleeve, he left the hall. Ling Yin did not see the resentment on Mrs. Ruyi's face. His attention was all on Lanqin.


No one can change my decision. Ling Yin did not see the resentment on Mrs. Ruyi's face. His attention was all on Lanqin. When Lanqin saw Lady Ruyi coming, she turned her eyes to Ling Yin. "The ninth day of the eighth month?" "Yes, the ninth day of August. Why?" Ling Yin deliberately pretended not to understand the meaning of Lanqin. You didn't tell me that my canonization ceremony was on the same day as Ronin's wedding. Lanqin asked in a cold voice. Oh Ling Yin still pretended not to know the truth: "Didn't I tell you?" "No." Lanqin said with certainty, "Ling Yin, what do you mean?" "What does it mean?" Ling Yin raised his eyebrows and said,plastic pallet manufacturer, "I have no intention.". It's just, why do you have such a big reaction? Lan Qin lowered her eyes and said nothing. What kind of feelings do you have for Ronin? Ling Yin mercilessly pressed Lanqin. Lanqin did not look at Ling Yin's eyes, but turned his face to the other side.


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