The Complete Works of the February River Emperor Series

"He claims to respect heaven and earth, respect the emperor, and is the'fourth brother ', but in fact it is a big mistake!" Kangxi said slowly, pulling out a piece of paper from a few books and handing it to Wei Dongting. "

"He claims to respect heaven and earth, respect the emperor, and is the'fourth brother ', but in fact it is a big mistake!" Kangxi said slowly, pulling out a piece of paper from a few books and handing it to Wei Dongting. "I know you have a strong friendship. Look at yourself. Is he guilty?" Wei Dongting took the note with both hands and was frightened to read it! It turned out that there were only five small characters written on the note: "The emperor is not in the white clouds." A closer look showed that it was indeed Hao Laosi's clumsy handwriting. He could not help but feel a "bang" in his heart and almost fainted. In a flash, the scene of Baiyunguan Mountain Shop being surrounded reappeared in front of Wei Dongting. It turned out that Hao Laosi had not come back for help at all, but had gone to report to Oboi and Bamble. Wei Dongting now understood the reason why Oboi was willing to exchange the pearl for Murima. Then he thought, why didn't Oboi withdraw immediately and wait until it was dark? Just as he was about to ask this question, Mingzhu seemed to see the doubts in his mind and said, "He seems to be in a hurry to seek refuge. Oboi and Bamburshan didn't believe him either!" But Wei Dongting felt so empty in his heart that he couldn't think of a clue for a moment. He quickly kowtowed again and again and said, "I really don't know that Hao has such a thing!"! Since the slave always leads the emperor's bodyguard, the crime of negligence is hard to absolve itself of blame. Ask the emperor to punish him heavily! "Suddenly I thought of the old story, and I felt a sudden chill in my heart and trembled." Get up! When Kangxi saw him like this, he could not bear it. He sighed, "People's hearts are unpredictable. How can you know his privacy?"? It was now confirmed that he had taken refuge not in Oboi, but in Bambulshan. "Hooray!" Mingzhu, who was standing beside him, bowed and asked, "Although Hao has committed a heinous crime, it is not convenient for the slave to intercede for him, but he asked the emperor to allow the slave to go to the court to offer sacrifices in order to fulfill his old love." "That's all right." Kangxi said thoughtfully, "The Dali Temple has not yet been tried. How he should be convicted remains to be discussed by the Ministry." At this point,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, Kangxi suddenly thought and looked up at Wei Dongting and Mingzhu. "For your sake, I'll give him a whole corpse." As he spoke, he got up and went to the imperial table. He picked up a line of words with a red pen and handed it to the wolf, saying, "Go to the Dali Temple as soon as possible and bring the man out. Send him back to Yuepeng's shop." Wei Dongting sobbed and said, "The emperor has a kind heart, and the slaves remember it from the bottom of their hearts. Even Hao Laosi should be grateful to the underground." After a while, Kangxi nodded to Wei Dongting and said with a sigh,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, "It's not easy for me to get together with you. Your mother and son have been with me for many years. In terms of your talent, I would like to put you in an important position. But I think you have been exhausted for several years. I really can't bear to let you take any more risks.". Do you think it would be better if you could work hard by my side for a few more years and take your mother with you in the future? These words are sincere and warm. Slowly, Wei Dongting was moved to tears. Pearl and Wolf also deeply felt the kindness of Kangxi's Sacred Heart. They kept silent. But Kangxi went on to say, "After this extraordinary change, I have become more and more convinced that Heaven has a destiny.". I was blessed by God and helped by the people in the Qing Dynasty, and I just turned the corner. From now on, no matter what risks I experience, I am no longer afraid! At this point, he heaved a long sigh and said, "After all, manpower is limited, and destiny cannot be disobeyed.". As far as Mr. Wu and Sumalagu are concerned, I am the son of heaven, but I can't do it reluctantly. Can't I sigh? "Although the matter of Wan Niang can't be saved," Mingzhu hurriedly said, Service Sink Faucets ,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, "whether Wu Ciyou will retire or not is still decided by the emperor. Mr. Wu's aptitude, the slave thinks it is rare in the world, ask the saint to pay more attention! The wolf also said, "The slave speaks lightly. He shouldn't speak too much. But according to what the ministers said when he served you day and night, they all praised Mr. Wu. I don't know why the emperor allowed him to hang up his crown and return to the mountain." "How do you know Mr. Wu?" "Kangxi pressed his hand lightly on the table, apparently to hide his inner excitement." He did not agree with the civil and military studies of the Manchu Dynasty. If a tree is more beautiful than a forest, it will be destroyed by the wind; if a line is higher than the world, it will be rejected by all. Now people say that he is good, is to play my downwind flag, in fact, some people have long been jealous of his talent, hate the teeth itch! With Mr. Wu's integrity, if you don't experience the world, you will fall into the trap of the courtiers in the future, which is expected. How will I deal with it at that time, and how will I deal with myself? This is one. Second, Mr. Wu is a contemporary genius, famous in the north and south of the Yangtze River, if he is placed on the rivers and lakes, making friends among the Han Confucian scholars, this identity, this action, no one can replace! This so-called son of heaven can be a friend, can not be a minister! It is also very interesting to be a commoner friend with me. Dongting, you can tell him what I said. I hope he will remember my friendship between teachers and students for many years. Whenever there is a petition for impeachment, it can be done as usual, and each department and Yamen must not use an excuse to stop it without authorization! "Zha!" Wei Dongting hastened to answer, but he couldn't figure out whether it was bitter or sweet. He just gulped it down. "The master has such deep affection for Mr. Wu, and the slaves will admire him all his life!" When Kangxi reached the end of his long speech, he felt tired and said, "Please kneel down."! Little Wei Zi can also go to Zhongcui Palace to see Sumalagu. You have been together for seven years, which is different from Mingzhu. Mingzhu was originally most afraid of seeing Sumalagu, but when Kangxi said so, he naturally did not have to go, anyway, to his liking. Wei Dongting received the order and braved the scorching sun to go to the Zhongcui Palace to see Sumalagu. Several white-haired ladies in the cold palace told him, Master Huizhen has gone to meditate with the Empress Dowager. Master Wei can either go back first, and if he has something to say, he can leave it with us, or he can wait here for a while and be sure to come back after lunch. Only then did Wei Dongting know that after Sumalagu's tonsure, he changed his Buddhist name to "Huizhen". He also thought of the ending of Yingying in Huizhen Ji. She took this Buddhist name, which was very likely to be a homonym. He felt more and more sad. He immediately said, "I came here with an imperial edict. How can I return without meeting him?"? You just need to be convenient, and I'll just sit here and wait. Then he sat down on the bluestone steps in front of the hall. Wei Dongting sat in front of the small Buddha hall, but when he heard the wind blowing bamboo and wood in the imperial garden and the cicadas chirping faintly, he could not help but feel moved. He meditated on what Kangxi had just said, remembering the scene of his first meeting with Wu Ciyou along the West River and the past of Yuepeng's cooking wine and discussing fame, and suddenly recalling his love for Hao Laosi that day. Thinking of this, he felt more and more despondent,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, and he made up his mind to ask the emperor to allow him to abandon martial arts for literature. Like Mr. Wu, he would be satisfied if he could accompany the breeze and recite to the bright moon, waving the wolf's hair and roaring.


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