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Opening his eyes, the cabin was still dark, but Qi Yue found that everything in front of him lit up, although there was no light, but he was surprised to find that his eyes could clearly see every corner of the cabin, even every change in texture.

Opening his eyes, the cabin was still dark, but Qi Yue found that everything in front of him lit up, although there was no light, but he was surprised to find that his eyes could clearly see every corner of the cabin, even every change in texture. The tremor of the plane had become much weaker, and an indescribable energy was running naturally in its body. Qi Yue concentrated his mind on his body, only to find that the meridians in his body had completely changed. There is no change in the position of the meridians, but the volume is obviously several times larger than before, at least when the cloud force passes through. If in the past, the energy flowing in the meridians was only the thickness of the hair, then now it has become the thickness of the little finger, and the meridians, which have obviously become much wider, appear empty. And nine blue and purple twinkling light balls, under the connection of purple electric light, move slowly with their own thunder cloud power. And their own water cloud power seems to have been unconsciously integrated into this energy flow, wind, fire and two kinds of cloud power compared with them, I do not know how many times smaller, and the energy intensity is much worse,38 tube fitting, is silent in their own Dantian. What's going on here? Are you out of danger? At that moment, the surroundings suddenly lit up. It was not the electricity in the cabin. The light came from outside the plane. Qi Yue looked out of the plane and immediately flew out of the sky. He was surprised to find that the plane was diving towards the ground in a gliding attitude. Although it was still far from the ground, it seemed that it was going to fall. Holy shit, I'm not dead. Strange voice came from the other side of the cabin, with a layer of white light, a man stood up from his position, Qi Yue looked at him, found that this suddenly stood up,14 tube fitting, is the soul of the hoodlum dress. The soul's eyes looked much dimmer, his face was unusually pale, and the white light around his body was very fragile. He grabbed the back of his chair and looked in his direction. When he saw that he was looking at him, his eyes became a little strange. Come on, wake up. With a low shout, his black eyes suddenly turned white, and a white halo spread around with a cold breath. The white light seemed to be unstoppable by any object. It penetrated the chair, even the metal, and spread to every corner of the plane in just a few seconds. Qi Yue was inevitably swept by the white light, he only felt a light brain, not only because of the original sense of fear of heights disappeared, the brain in the white light swept the moment became unusually clear, the whole body seems to have become comfortable, although the energy in the body was not affected by the white light, but this sober light made his mind completely awake. Break free from the previous confusion. Soul lips slightly buzzing, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,needle valve manufacturer, Qi Yue's ear sounded his voice, "not to mention what just happened, you stay here, I go to the cockpit to let the captain try to restart the plane.". The people here have been swept by my sober light, as long as they are not dead, they will soon wake up. You tell the mechanical soul, the computer soul and the plant soul that once the plane is out of control, we are ready to jump. Small. Say 。 t。 Xt-Tian/Tang Chapter 34 Blue Sea Thunder Beads (Part Two). Continue to lift the ban, the mistress means what she says. At the same time, the four chapters of VIP have broken out, and they will be updated in advance today, so that we can sleep late tomorrow. It's a new month. Thank you for your monthly tickets and recommended tickets. Jump? Hearing these two words, Qi Yue's heart beat faster. Although he already felt that his strength seemed to have increased a little, he did not cure his fear of heights. The soul of the sky flashed and went to the front of the plane. As soon as he left, the whole plane was filled with groans. Kidd rubbed his head and sat up straight. "What's the matter? My head hurts. I can't seem to exert myself all over." Qi Yue said in a low voice, "Be sober. The crisis has not been lifted yet. We have just broken out of the dark clouds. Now the plane is still out of control. Brother Tianhun said that once the plane can't be controlled again, let us prepare to jump out of the plane.". ” Hearing Qi Yue's voice, Ji De, who had been exercising since childhood, immediately showed the quality of a soldier. He opened his eyes and nodded slightly to Qi Yue. He immediately unfastened his seat belt and jumped out. His goal was the soul of the computer. When Qi Yue was thinking of looking for the plant soul and telling her the news, he saw the plant soul standing up from his position, looking at Qi Yue with a pair of big clear eyes, showing a mysterious light in his beautiful eyes, and nodding to Qi Yue, as if indicating something. Qi Yue was slightly stunned and gestured to the plant soul, indicating that he was ready to jump at any time. The plant soul showed a rare faint smile, nodded to him again, and sat back in his seat. By this time, the whole plane had sounded a groan, and the passengers on board had gradually begun to wake up. Although the thunder and lightning in the dark clouds were extremely strong, they hesitated to have the release point of Qi Yue. Therefore, these passengers were only stunned by the thunder and lightning, and were not fatally injured. But the feeling of electric shock is not good after all, even so, their bodies have become very weak, one by one sitting in their own position, not in a short time can be fully awake. Qi Yue had unfastened his seat belt, and the light of sobriety that had previously been displayed by the heavenly soul made him see hope. Although he did not know what would happen if he jumped, since the heavenly soul had said so, he should not have done anything meaningless. As long as you can live, everything is beautiful. Qi Yue, I *** you. When Qi Yue was worried, a weak voice sounded in his heart. This time it was not the deep sea snake who scolded him, but the weak voice came from him. How are you, brother? Qi Yue asked tentatively, knowing that he was too bold. "I can't die yet," he said grumpily. You are too bold,pipe fittings manufacturer, even if the thunder attribute Kirin may not dare to do so, you actually use their own strength to absorb such a huge thunder and lightning, you are going to destroy this plane? 。 chinaroke.com


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