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The author has something to say: I have added a thousand words! Beg nutrient fluid to beg comment ~ without these, the author is about to wither.

The author has something to say: I have added a thousand words! Beg nutrient fluid to beg comment ~ without these, the author is about to wither. I can read the comments in the background, and I can also reply to the comments in the background. When the little angels leave messages, I can also see the replies from the background. (: eryi) _, but I just can't see anyone else's. Thanks to the little angel who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution. Thanks to the little angel who threw the [mine]: 1 irascible sister; Thanks to the little angel who irrigates [nutrient solution]: 10 bottles of Corydalis tuber; 3 bottles of irascible sister; no 2 bottles; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Find iron and look for ore "This war has been fought long enough." Jiang You read the battle report and looked at Cheng yuanxiu. "What are you going to do?" Half a month ago, Cheng yuanxiu received a personal letter from Cheng Taiwei, asking her to take the three hundred soldiers to meet immediately. An Huang forced the people as soldiers, that an Huang is now in a very bad situation, Cheng Taiwei's power in the army is more powerful than anyone imagined, things have developed to this point, is not an Huang and the prince can stop. At the beginning, only thirty or forty thousand people took part in the war. After more than half a year, the number of casualties had already passed thirty or forty thousand. Emperor An did not ask the clansmen and royal families around him to bring troops to help, because he was afraid that the development of the situation would be even more uncontrollable. But if the outside world does not move, with a long time the soldiers of the city, the emperor simply can't suppress Cheng Taiwei and prince. Fortunately, Cheng Taiwei is still rational, did not let his two sons abandoned the border,plastic pallet bins, ran to help him fight, otherwise the country will be instantly caught in the flames of war. Thinking of Cheng Taiwei's letter to Cheng yuanxiu, Jiang You thought that day was not far away. Subordinates don't know. I really don't know what Ah Weng was thinking. At the beginning, he was talking about Qing Jun's side. Now Qi Chong and Qi Ren are all dead. The witches in the palace have no backing. They are just fish on the chopping board and can be slaughtered by others. How can they still be beaten? Cheng yuanxiu has always felt that her father is a good general who loves the country and the people. Although the prince is a bastard, after so many years of education, he can't really make the whole country fall into war. Get better, while now Liu Yi has not been serious, come back to admit mistakes,plastic pallet manufacturer, things still have room for manoeuvre, is the prince also want to make regicide and patricide? There are too many people involved in the rebellion. Perhaps Qiu and prince at the beginning only think of the Qing Jun side, but now, and involved in the prime minister, at the same time, leading and prince against several generals are in high positions, both sides have played out the anger. Don't fight now, shake hands and make peace? Who can guarantee that the prince will not settle old accounts in the future? Jiang you see clearly, the prince and Cheng Taiwei think too simple, they estimated did not expect, this battle can play for so long. The hatred between the two sides has been formed, unless now several high officials in the court are all Liu Yi down, otherwise they will not let the prince have room to go back on his word, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet manufacturer, for their own lives. Cheng yuanxiu shook his head helplessly. She couldn't do anything under the general trend of the world. Master felt that his subordinates should listen to Ah Weng and go back? Cheng yuanxiu is very entangled, everything in Lianhuashan has just been on the right track, she is now gone, but also took away three hundred well-trained soldiers, for Lianhuashan, is not a good thing. Do you want to go back? Jiang You couldn't make this decision for Cheng yuanxiu, because Cheng Taiwei was Cheng yuanxiu's father, and the three hundred people were Cheng Taiwei's people. Cheng yuanxiu hesitated for a moment. Then he got up and saluted Jiang You, saying, "My subordinates want to go back, but they want Yi Ge to stay." There are now more than one thousand households in Lianhuashan, nearly three thousand people. Most of these people are orphans and widows who can't survive in the villages outside and go to Lianhuashan to make a living. There are not many elderly people who are really young and middle-aged. Lotus Hill is too close to Jiu'an City, and most of the young and middle-aged people have been dragged to fight. Cheng yuanxiu had already started training female soldiers before, and Yige was her best man, who was quite talented in training. Cheng yuanxiu wanted to go, but he didn't want to throw away the matter of Lianhuashan, so he wanted to leave Yige behind. Jiang You thought about it and thought there was nothing wrong with Cheng yuanxiu's decision. OK. yuanxiu, I know what you think. You want to walk out of a way different from the world with me. You want to leave a way out for the Cheng family. But you know, this road is very difficult to walk, the world has not been chaotic to rise up everywhere, the people still yearn for peace, who raised troops at this time, who is a rebel and a thief, everyone has to be punished. I don't have the status of a soldier, and I have no other abilities. Once you go, you can leave me directly, and you don't have to serve me as the Lord anymore. Judging from the current situation, Jiang You is really weak. She has the heart of competing for the world, but she has no name and no one. Now the paper she makes can really make money, and the terraces she makes can really grow a lot of food, but these are shady things. Paper should be offered in the name of Anlin to dispel Liu Yi's suspicion of all kinds of strange things on this side of Lianhua Mountain. Terrace farming is not something that can be seen in a day or two. Since the founding of Anguo, the policy of supporting the people has been the main one. The people have a high awareness of Anguo. Although the emperor and the prince are fighting now, they will not deny the country because of this one thing. Those who have read books have received patriotic education, and they will never abandon their country until they are in a desperate situation. The common people are a group with strong endurance. If the oppression is not strong enough, they can endure it. Even if their lives are as cheap as dirt, they can endure it. Master, I Cheng yuanxiu said, a word is beyond recall! Cheng yuanxiu understood that this was Jiang You testing her, but also to give her a chance to get away with it. But the world is in chaos, who can get away with it? The way of the world is like this, people still have to fight for their lives, let alone people of their status. She was born in a noble family, and if she didn't fight or rob, she would die very ugly! How imposing Qi Chong was at the beginning! He took people to check the prince's bedroom,plastic pallet crates, slandered and bewitched Emperor An, and trampled the prince's face under his feet. At that time, did he ever think that he would be a prisoner for several months and die of the punishment of car cracking. binpallet.com


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